About Me

I am a procrastinator and am marginally good at lots of things, but have not found my hidden talent. (hopefully it will be photography...or writing...or cooking...or writing about cooking...or writing about travel...or taking photos while I travel and writing about them while eating food and learning how to cook it...)

I hate hard work, and would like to sleep all day, with occasional awakenings to cook, eat and drink, and possibly frock up and go dancing. I am looking for a career path, but can find no job that requires two hours work a day, has an artistic element, and pays well. If anybody can think of anything, please let me know.

I started a photography course for beginners in Oct 2010 and bought my first DSLR in November. You can find my lessons documented on the "Lessons" pages. Unfortunately the Intermediate course has not yet started, and so I will have to eagerly await its arrival - hopefully some time before I am too old to have the energy to depress the shutter.

In the meantime, I am learning as much as I can from other great photography blogs, and I participate in challenges. You can find out more about those by pressing the "Challenges" button.

Although I am unprofessional amateur, I would appreciate it if you did not copy any of my photographs. They were taken by me, and remain mine until I sell them. If you would like to buy them, then please come around with a cake and a bottle of champagne, because I will celebrate wholeheartedly.

I have another blog that documents my life. I am an Australian expat living in Dubai, and I love to poke fun at other people and myself, whine incessantly and travel excessively. dubai-ified.blogspot.com