26 Nov. 2010


I had my last lesson only a couple of days ago. I'm desolate....but at the same time, also inspired. I think I am actually going to keep it up. If anyone knows of any proper courses (I'm talking about the kind of thing I come out of with a bigger brain and a piece of paper with a big red star on that I can put on my wall next to all my photographs), please let me know.  Preferably it would be one that I can do in Dubai, because as much as I love photography, I'm not ready to leave my family for it. Besides, they would just track me down - my three year old has a nose on him like the mafia. (please mafia, don't come after me for saying that...)

I still have lesson 8 to summarize (a brief rundown on Lightroom 2), and an assignment that I have given myself - architecture - because Zahra gave us some great tips on getting the best out of it - and I do live in the city that has a skyline that looks like a drawer of kitchen impliments.

In the meantime, I have discovered that there are all these great blogs out there that keep us on our toes with weekly photo challenges. Photo Friday is currently asking for hands.
This is my son fiddling with the Lord's Prayer at a wedding I attended recently.

What do you get for taking up the challenge? Probably a hand...better than a finger...