25 Jan. 2011


Carmi at written inc wants us to find Blue this week. I found it two ways. One, in the crystal clear ocean that is practically at my doorstep. If you haven't seen the beaches in Dubai, you have no idea how perfect they can be - in my opinion, only beaten by the Maldives, the squeaky beach at Hyams on Jarvis Bay, Australia, and the black sand deserted strips of Western Samoa

Just make sure that you get away from the hotels. Go to my beach, just where Jumeira meets Umm Suqeim. At 8:30 am on most days you can walk it by yourself. And it's sunny 359 days a year. (although you could slow-poach a lobster in the water in August)

On my other blog I talked about another kind of blue you can find in Dubai - the deep sadness I feel when I say goodbye to my expat friends - they go home, and I stay here. But look at the picture above. Do you think I should leave?