17 Oct. 2010

assignment 3 - magnum force

Assignment 3, go and check out the website: www.magnumphotos.com and browse the photos of all these amazing and particularly famous photographers. (I am such a ninny I had only heard of one of them.) Then, when you have browsed sufficiently to form an opinion on a favourite (this took three and a half days because everything loaded at glacial pace), take their style and copy it.

But my favourite was particularly clever, and all the exact placing of things and forming structure and not making it look really wanky got a bit hard for me, so I reassessed and found something I could copy, and made Bruno Barbey my favourite. No offense intended Bruno - you are a legend.

I loved Barbey's Moroccan photos, and living in Dubai, the settings are something I can find a little of here. Bastakiya is one of the truly old places left in the land of concrete, glass and Louis Vuitton, and at 9am it is guaranteed to be silent and there is nobody there to laugh at little old me putting on my professional hat, albeit wonky. I tried to imitate the way he sought out geometry in his compositions, and the angles, the shadows and the galleries made for plenty of subject matter.