26 Oct. 2010

Assignment 4 - Losing focus

I hit a low this week. Our assignment was to practice using the manual focus, and I had already been mucking around with this - so no new thrills. In addition, I had been complaining in the previous lesson that my camera was far too helpful, and always put everything in focus. I've been struggling to get nice blur (once I thought blur was a bad thing!) and like all poor artists I blamed the equipment. (in my defense, I have a Canon Powershot SX20, not a SLR like most of the others)

Therefore, instead of getting right into it, I spent all my spare time researching SLRs on the internet. Then I told my husband that I needed to go out and buy the Canon Eos 550 at 3500 dhirims (about $1000).


And nothing (I mean NOTHING!) I could do could change his mind.

So photos were taken in a bad mood, and to make matters worse, I think my skills are deteriorating. It is ironic that as I am learning more, my photos - or maybe my judgement if them - decline in quality. Also ironic that in a week of practicing focus, I could find none at all.

Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo.