29 Dec. 2010

Best of 2010

It's time to round up the year. I feel in one respect, this is a little unfair - I only started photography lessons in October, and if you see how far I have come (look back into the scary past here), it's no surprise most of my favourite photos are recent.

I have had a hard time deciding which of my photos are the best - partially because they are all so good (yeah, I just said that! But I am comparing my recent snaps with my old ones - not comparing mine with real photographers.) I have also got to a stage where I can quickly delete the photos that hold no beauty or sentimental value, so everything that is in my "good folder" is actually that, pretty good (for me.)

So I have narrowed it down to 15. Please don't fall asleep while scrolling all the way down - I'm really proud of them. And leave me a comment - I'd be interested to know which one you like best. And of course if anyone would like to pay me lots of money for one, that would be good too. Here's dreaming...


These are for all my friends at

Happy New Year all!